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Hey Readers! I’ve been comin across some crazy stuff the past few days from a few different blogs around the web which I just had to share with you. Check em out below…

Do you have a "clean" driving licence? – ForumGarden

You mean there are people out there driving without a driving licence, I presume you mean what we call a drivers licence here, the id card that says you are legal to drive a class 5 vehicle? …

new member needs help – Aussie Pythons & Snakes

You can not have either of the pythons mentioned! Have a look at your licence class and then check out the keep list for that class of licence. …. Originally Posted by beckalee1186 View Post. i have a c3 license …

Moped Licence « ABCDiamond

The QLD driver licence will show only the highest class or classes of vehicle that you are authorised to drive. An example of this is the standard class C car licence, which allows the holder to drive the following: …

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