Hold Your Licence-Park Your Ontario Real Estate Licence

Click Here and save a ton of money by joining an Ontario Real Estate Brokerage with No Board Fees.  Save your real estate licence from being terminated by RECO and Park it here and keep it active.  You may want it someday and it could be worth a fortune to you.  Full Office Support, No Desk Fees and Excellent referral fees paid out to you.

You have a real estate license and you sell real estate in Ontario Canada.  If you are a member of a real estate board, and the Ontario Real Estate Association, and the Canadian Real Estate Association you may refer to yourself as a Realtor.  Possibly the first motivation you had in wanting to obtain your real estate licence in Ontario was the potential income earnings.  Ontario has many successfull realty agents that have and continue to earn huge amounts of commissions.


Your desire to become a realty agent propelled you to register for the required education and that led you to the information you needed found on the OREA and/or CREA sites.  After investing your money and your time, the news that you passed your final exam and well on your way to making your first home sale, elated you until realtiy hit and it was time to select a real estate broker and brokerage in Ontario.



The market was hot and you followed all the training provided to you by your real estate broker.  Sales were either made or hard to come by depending on your experience.  You may have to step away from the real estate sales business for a short term or long term and now you need a Broker and brokerage firm to have them hold your licence, your Ontario real estate license.


You will need a “hold your licence” Brokerage that specilizes in helping you keep your license active and all for a very low cost.  The fee to hang your license with an Ontario Brokerage should be minimal since you will still be responsible for paying applicable fees and dues to R.E.C.O. and their selected insurance company.  You will also still have to renew your license registration with the Real Estate Council of Ontario every 2 years and provide proof of completing your required 24 hour credits mandatory for your renewal.


Don’t despair because even though you will still have some expenses to pay to hold your licence to keep it active, you can still sell the odd piece of property from time to time and/or you can refer out business you may have come your way and collect top commissions available for your referrals.  Hold your licence is just a term and does not mean you cannot participate in real estate sales.  It is simply a term that some Brokers and Brokerages use if they provide a service to you and others, holding licenses for agents in Ontario that want to back out of their realty sales career and save a lot of money from real estate board fees and association dues.

Yes, I am a Broker/Manager and want to refer my in-active real estate agents to your holding company Brokerage.

Yes I am a new/Veteran real estate agent and want to park my license for future use and save on most expenses.  

I also understand that I can still sell or refer business and still receive a high commission split in my favor

so please get back to me asap with more details:  Call Direct 416-453-8215 or 1-800-537-1931


 Hold your licence here and join a proven Broker and Brokerage with over 10 years experience helping Ontario agents save their money.  Get all the information you need right now and start saving your money by placing your licence on hold.






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