All About Real Estate Investment Appraiser

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All About Real Estate Investment Appraiser

A Real Estate investment Appraiser performs a service called as real estate appraisal. An appraiser gets the opinion of value based upon the highest and best use of real estate investment property. The highest and best use is that use which produces highest and possible return on real estate property. This use must be profitable and probable. Also of importance is the definition of the type of value being developed and this must be included in the appraiser, i.e. fair market value, condemnation value, quick sale value, etc. Typically, the real estate appraiser value is reported on a standardized form, the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report.

What is the difference between market value and market price? A price obtained for a specific property under a specific transaction may or may not represent that property’s market value: special considerations may have been present, such as a family relationship between the real estate buyer and seller, or else the transaction may have been part of a larger set of transactions in which the parties had engaged. It is the task of the real estate appraiser/property value to judge whether a certain price obtained under a certain transaction is indicative of market value.
There are three dynamic approaches to determine the fair market value of a property.

1. Cost approach
2. Sales comparison approach
3. Income approach

The real estate appraiser will determine which of the approaches is applicable and develop an appraisal based upon information from each individual’s investment area. Costs, income, and sales vary widely from area to area and particular importance is given to the specific location of the property.

In the US, the appraiser licensing of indivi
duals is left to the states. However all appraiser for a “Federally Related Transaction” must be performed by an appraiser with the appropriate type of license, and conform to USPAP. The individual states have the rights to decide if licensing is required for other types of appraiser. A real estate investment appraiser will provide their personal opinion of value, based on their estimate of the market’s reaction, but other appraisers will have varying opinions and sometimes the market reacts in unexpected ways. An appraiser is no more accurate than other predictions of human behavior.

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